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China Development Bank & Caofeidian Investment Co.LTD visited France with DPark

From Sep. 6th to 14th in 2011,CDBC: China Development Bank & Caofeidian Investment Co.LTD came over to France accompanied with chairman of DPARK Mr. Antonio Duarte and Miss. Wang Lin. This trip in France is arranged by DPARK, and accompanied with President of DPARK Mr. Duarte and General Manager Miss Wang Lin.They visited several cities during the trip, such as Nice, Cannes, Avignon, Lille and Paris. They even met first deputy mayor of Lille Mr. Pierre de Saintignon and first deputy mayor of Nice Mr. Benoît Kandel and investigated two important parks in Nice and Lille. In addition, they attended the yachting show in Cannes. They also visited  over ten very important enterprises.

« All the people were deeply impressed by DPARK’s hospitality, pragmatic, subtlety, wide human relationship and local resources during this trip » Caofeidian group

The first deputy mayor of Nice: Mr.Benoit Kandel with the delegation

The first deputy mayor of Lille: Pierre de Saintignon

Euratechnologie with Raouti Chehih

With GĂ©rard PĂ©lisson, Co funder Accor Group

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