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Antonio Duarte

Antonio Duarte received the Shanghai Grand prize Magnolia Gold

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Eight years ago, with the agreement of the Chinese government, we created the DPARK. This entity, a private company, has had and continues to have a mission to help foreign companies wishing to settle and to develop their markets in Shanghai and China in a secure way.

DPark brings all the necessary services for a successful settlement in China.

On 30 September 2017, the Government of the City of Shanghai, through its Mayor, Mr. Ying Yong, expressed his support and thanked us for our work in the development of economic relations between Shanghai and Europe. Mr. Antonio Duarte, the creator of DPark, received the grand prize Magnolia Gold.

Thanks to this recognition and support, DPark Shanghai Team will continue to develop all the help and support to the companies already established at Dpark as well as those who will settle here, whatever they are large or small, or their field of activity.

Our ambition remains the same: to provide the best advice, assistance and support services, and to offer our clients the benefits of our direct links with the Chinese administrations. In this context, DPark has just obtained, as International Park, the possibility for our DPark customers to benefit from the very attractive reimbursement of taxes according to the scale.

For more information please email: dpark@duarte-china.com


Antonio Duarte, Grand Prize Magnolia Or, City of Shanghai






Briefing on CPPCC Shanghai Committee 2015

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Invited by CPPCC Shanghai Committee, Mr. Duarte attended “Briefing on CPPCC Shanghai Committee 2015”

18,Nov.2015, invited by CPPCC (Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference) Shanghai Committee, the Consul Generals in Shanghai of various countries, the representatives of foreign companies, and Mr. Duarte attended “Briefing on CPPCC Shanghai Committee 2015” held in Magnolia Hall, 3/F, Conference Center, CPPCC Shanghai Committee. The conference was hosted by Mr. Bei Xiaoxi, Secretary-General of CPPCC Shanghai Committee. Wu Zhiming, Chairman of CPPCC Shanghai Committee, made welcome speech.

Zhou Tai Tong, Vice Chairman of CPPCC Shanghai Committee, briefed the basic facts of Shanghai’s economic and social development and the function performance of the CPPCC Shanghai Committee in 2015. He said, the CPPCC Shanghai Committee made great efforts to boost the improvement of people’s livelihood, around the establishment of elderly care service system, the rights and interests protection of the elderly, the management of housing fund, the development of public traffic, the reformation of public hospital, the establishment of emergency medical rescue system, and so on.

It’s a good chance for foreign officials and entrepreneurs in Shanghai to know the development and policy direction of Shanghai.


China International Industry Fair

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China International Industry Fair – Mr. Duarte hopes to popularize Shanghai’s investment environment, promote and improve the cooperation in French-Sino industry area through this project.

After work for several months, 6, Nov.2015, invited and companied by Mr. Duarte, Axel Cruau, French Consul General in Shanghai, investigated the 17th China International Industry Fair under personal name, which was held in National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). It included information & communication technology show, robot show, energy-saving & new energy car show and technology innovation show. The Consul General expressed basic recognition and would discuss with Mr. Duarte about how to promote the work and attract French high and new technology enterprises to attend 2016 China International Industry Fair.

Background: 15, May 2015, Because Mr. Duarte devoted himself to the cooperation and exchange among Shanghai and French government and enterprises, and had thirty-year experience and relationship in industry area, the organization committee of China International Industry Fair formally entrusted Mr. Duarte to lead the communication with French relevant government departments and industry institutions, to promote the invitation of guest of honor of 18th China International Industry Fair.

China International Industry Fair

The Magnolia Silver Award for Antonio Duarte, founder of DPark Shanghai

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Sept.8 2015, Mr. Duarte was awarded 2015 Shanghai Magnolia Award in the presentation ceremony.
The foreign Affairs Office of the Shanghai Government has decided to award Mr. Antonio Duarte, CEO of DPark Shanghai, the Shanghai Magnolia Memorial Award for his outstanding contribution to the city of Shanghai. Created 25 years ago, Magnolia Awards honor foreign residents who have made a notable contribution to the economic development and international relations of the city.

Presented annually, the Magnolia Awards are an initiative made by the Foreign Affairs Office in Shanghai, and 959 foreigners have received the award so far. This year, 63 foreign contributors will be rewarded.






Capture d’écran 2015-09-13 à 15.30.23



Invitation DPark The 25th of september

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brochure information



When we live in another country, we are all faced with a “cultural shift” both in our personal and professional relationships, which is source of discovery as well as of misunderstandings. Especially in in China, the shift we experience is an opportunity to discover new ways of representing the world, the Other, our bodies or our own existence.
If we already do “invest” a lot in China, we should probably invest even more in this cultural adventure, with the sense of personal satisfaction and professional success that such investment allows for.
To help us to consider how to engage into such endeavor, Dpark, in association with the School of Philosophy, Fudan University, and with Benoit Vermander, professor in this School, is pleased to invite you to a lecture and discussion evening.
I’ll explain what guided us in the establishment of a signed agreement with Fudan, which led to the launch of a “Chinese Thought and Cultural Resources” training program. It will start in January and will be recognized by a Certificate issued by Fudan for people who have completed the training.

Best regards

Information :
Date : Thursday 25 September 2014
Time : 18h30
Location : dpark No.738 Changyang Road
Duration : 1.5 hours
Following the conference, you can enjoy a buffet free of charge.
The confirmation of your presence will help us to improve our service quality.
Reply by email to fudan-dpark@duarte-china.com

Signature for a new cultural program in DPark

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Dpark launches a Certificate on “Chinese Thought and Cultural Resources” in association with Fudan School of Philosophy .

photo 2











Left: Mme Liangzhun, M. Antonio Duarte, President de Dpark, M. Benoit Vermander, Xu-Ricci dialogue institute fudan university, school of philosophy, professor, academic director, M. Xin yuan,  Fudan university.

photo 1











Mister Antonio Duarte and Mister Xin Yuan,  Fudan university

DPark in Shanghai Daily

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A one-stop shop for European startups

A business park exclusively for European startups helps them get a foothold in the China market, and its French founder Antonio Duarte  says his aim is to make investment simple, rapid, efficient and secure. He talks to Fei Lai.


Many consultants and innumerable authors advise foreign companies on how to do business in China, but few can match the 30 years of China field experience of French entrepreneur Antonio Duarte.
Today Antonio Duarte, an entrepreneur in the French auto industry, devotes himself to helping French and other European businesses — especially small and medium-sized — tackle the complicated China market.
A year ago Duarte and his Shanghainese partner Wang Lin founded DPARK (D for Duarte), an exclusive, multilingual, high-service park for European businesses on Changyang Road in Yangpu District.
It’s a one stop shop for startups. The modern and tasteful five story “park” in a former textile factory has around 20 European tenants in trade, high tech, consulting, banking, art design, cosmetics and other areas. It can accommodate around 85 businesses.
“The aim is to make investment simple, rapid, efficient and secure,” Antonio Duarte says. There are other similar parks assisting foreign businesses in Shanghai; this is the only park in Yangpu District. The park, next to the China Tobacco Museum, not only provides business (and bedroom) space but also numerous services. It assists in business registration and obtaining residence cards and visas and provides translation (various European languages) service, full office and secretarial service, car and chauffeur, airport pickup, ticketing, mail and delivery, among others.nIt has the latest Internet, WiFi and technology. The park also facilitates contacts with government departments and Chinese business leaders and organizes educational seminars and conferences. “Offices are designed and equipped for openness, lighting and vitality,” says Antonio Duarte who put a lot of his French aesthetic sense into the factory renovation.
“This is a place where people can work and relax.” DPARK is a compound that centers on a five-story building with a European-style entrance with large columns. Replicas of terra-cotta warriors stand in the lobby decorated with European style furnishings. The building has an inviting terrace with an awning. A minimalist restaurant and underground bar are housed in an auxiliary building. Most of the offices are designed as small, home-style offices that include bedrooms, bathrooms and closets.
The service has been praised by Thibaud Sarrain-Boespflug, president of UFE Shanghai, the association of French citizens in the city. “The two biggest problems for me are: first, the culture, which is on the top of the difficulties for any Westerner doing business here; and second, the language,” Sarrain-Boespflug says. “For people who come to China with minimal preparation, any facilities certified by Chinese and European governments can make business easier if they assist in addressing the culture and language issues,” he says. In one place, there’s everything an entrepreneur needs, such as controller, translator, even maid service, he says, “and it’s all in a modern style.” One of the tenants is Cyril Bertschy, vice president for Asia Pacific of Gravotech Marking. The park’s team assists him in “unblocking situations.” “Since Antonio Duarte comes from industry, his network is really helpful for small and medium enterprises like the one I am managing around Asia,” he says. “And, thanks to the park, I was introduced to industry leaders.”
DPARK is only a prototype, according to Antonio Duarte who says he and his local partner aim to replicate the model in similar parks across China’s urban areas. He plans on larger-scale parks in the future. Through working in the auto industry in France for 30 years, Duarte established a valuable network of relationships that brought him to China. Impressed by his resourcefulness and the willingness to help, the Yangpu District government named him “an ambassador for economy and investment” in 2009.
In the same year, he was nominated for the Magnolia Award, the top honor conferred by the Shanghai government on foreign residents who have made significant contributions to the city. At DPARK an office wall is covered with a large collection of photos of Chinese and European political and business heavyweights visiting European China — all accompanied by Antonio Duarte. Yangpu District is full of possibilities, he says, adding that it has the city’s largest concentration of universities, and research centers. “When enterprises are based here, they have access to a considerable reservoir of brain power,” Antonio Duarte says.