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Antonio Duarte received the Shanghai Grand prize Magnolia Gold

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Eight years ago, with the agreement of the Chinese government, we created the DPARK. This entity, a private company, has had and continues to have a mission to help foreign companies wishing to settle and to develop their markets in Shanghai and China in a secure way.

DPark brings all the necessary services for a successful settlement in China.

On 30 September 2017, the Government of the City of Shanghai, through its Mayor, Mr. Ying Yong, expressed his support and thanked us for our work in the development of economic relations between Shanghai and Europe. Mr. Antonio Duarte, the creator of DPark, received the grand prize Magnolia Gold.

Thanks to this recognition and support, DPark Shanghai Team will continue to develop all the help and support to the companies already established at Dpark as well as those who will settle here, whatever they are large or small, or their field of activity.

Our ambition remains the same: to provide the best advice, assistance and support services, and to offer our clients the benefits of our direct links with the Chinese administrations. In this context, DPark has just obtained, as International Park, the possibility for our DPark customers to benefit from the very attractive reimbursement of taxes according to the scale.

For more information please email: dpark@duarte-china.com


Antonio Duarte, Grand Prize Magnolia Or, City of Shanghai






Briefing on CPPCC Shanghai Committee 2015

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Invited by CPPCC Shanghai Committee, Mr. Duarte attended “Briefing on CPPCC Shanghai Committee 2015”

18,Nov.2015, invited by CPPCC (Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference) Shanghai Committee, the Consul Generals in Shanghai of various countries, the representatives of foreign companies, and Mr. Duarte attended “Briefing on CPPCC Shanghai Committee 2015” held in Magnolia Hall, 3/F, Conference Center, CPPCC Shanghai Committee. The conference was hosted by Mr. Bei Xiaoxi, Secretary-General of CPPCC Shanghai Committee. Wu Zhiming, Chairman of CPPCC Shanghai Committee, made welcome speech.

Zhou Tai Tong, Vice Chairman of CPPCC Shanghai Committee, briefed the basic facts of Shanghai’s economic and social development and the function performance of the CPPCC Shanghai Committee in 2015. He said, the CPPCC Shanghai Committee made great efforts to boost the improvement of people’s livelihood, around the establishment of elderly care service system, the rights and interests protection of the elderly, the management of housing fund, the development of public traffic, the reformation of public hospital, the establishment of emergency medical rescue system, and so on.

It’s a good chance for foreign officials and entrepreneurs in Shanghai to know the development and policy direction of Shanghai.


China International Industry Fair

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China International Industry Fair – Mr. Duarte hopes to popularize Shanghai’s investment environment, promote and improve the cooperation in French-Sino industry area through this project.

After work for several months, 6, Nov.2015, invited and companied by Mr. Duarte, Axel Cruau, French Consul General in Shanghai, investigated the 17th China International Industry Fair under personal name, which was held in National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). It included information & communication technology show, robot show, energy-saving & new energy car show and technology innovation show. The Consul General expressed basic recognition and would discuss with Mr. Duarte about how to promote the work and attract French high and new technology enterprises to attend 2016 China International Industry Fair.

Background: 15, May 2015, Because Mr. Duarte devoted himself to the cooperation and exchange among Shanghai and French government and enterprises, and had thirty-year experience and relationship in industry area, the organization committee of China International Industry Fair formally entrusted Mr. Duarte to lead the communication with French relevant government departments and industry institutions, to promote the invitation of guest of honor of 18th China International Industry Fair.

China International Industry Fair

October 26-27th 2015, French-Sino Hospital Conference, Paris

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Invited by French Ministry of Health, DPARK leader attended 2015 French-Sino Hospital Conference with the director of The First Rehabilitation Hospital of Shanghai, arranged and companied the director to investigate the rehabilitation institutions of French Orpea Group.

After Mr. Duarte actively promoted the cooperation between French Orpea Group and The First Rehabilitation Hospital of Shanghai, 26 and 27, Oct. 2015, DPARK leader was invited by French Ministry of Health to attend 2015 French-Sino Hospital Conference held in Paris, which is hosted by China National Health and Family Planning Commission and French Ministry of Health. The conference is the 5th time, the theme of conference is reformation of public hospital and the deepening of French-Sino health cooperation. Zhou Ming Cheng, Director of The First Rehabilitation Hospital of Shanghai, was invited and attended the conference with DPARK leader.

The conference was separately held in French Ministry of Health in Paris and in the Hospital affiliated to French Amiens University in two days. Ma Xiaowei, Vice Director of China National Health and Family Planning Commission, Jean Debeaupuis, Vice Minister of French Ministry of Health, Guan Jian, Envoy of China Embassy in France and Benoit Vallet, Director of Health Bureau of French Ministry of Health made speeches.

Frech sino Conference rehabilitation hospital Shanghai







More about the conference on: http://www.sante.gouv.fr/IMG/pdf/4_Cooperations_hospitalieres_franco-chinoises_C.pdf


Visit Of the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls in China, DPark was there.

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From Jan.29 to Jan.31, 2015, invited by Premier of the State Council Li Keqiang, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls visited China. DPARK President Antonio Duarte was invited to accompany Prime Minister in Shanghai. Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius met Mr. Duarte, and thanked him for his help to the development of French companies in China.

Capture d’écran 2015-02-14 à 13.37.30





Chinese President Xi Jinping met French Prime Minister Manuel Valls

Capture d’écran 2015-02-14 à 13.37.41




Premier of the State Council Li Keqiang met French Prime Minister Manuel Valls

Mr. Duarte introduced the investment environment of Yangpu District of Shanghai, and Orpea Group, ISRP, which entered into DPARK recently, to Prime Minister. Prime Minister and Foreign Minister thanked Mr. Duarte for his help to the development of French companies in China. They received the invitation to investigate DPARK when they visit Shanghai again, and would ask the relevant department to contact with Mr. Duarte. Mr. Duarte also introduced the planning Sino-French Ecology Health Industry Park which would introduce French advanced enterprises in the medical and health field to China, to promote the cooperation between China and France. Prime Minister and Foreign Minister were very interested, and would ask the French Business Investment Department to know about the project further. Mr. Duarte also suggested to establish state-level ecology health industry park. Prime Minister promised to give the biggest help to Chinese enterprises which come to France to invest.

Capture d’écran 2015-02-14 à 13.41.46


China Business Report 2013/2014 from the American Chamber of Commerce of Shanghai

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American Chamber of Commerce Shanghai

Services, Profits and Growth in China’s maturing market

  • One of the longest running surveys of American businesses in China
  • Tracks responses on topics including top line business performance, growth expectations, top challenges and trends to watch
  • This year’s report includes responses from 399 member companies.

Link to the report

Dpark launches a Certificate on “Chinese Thought and Cultural Resources” in association with Fudan School of Philosophy

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Dpark is launching an English-language program aimed at enhancing international and Chinese managers’ knowledge of Chinese cultural resources so as to enrich and facilitate the exercise of their corporate mission and social responsibility in China.

The program is designed and taught by professors from the School of Philosophy at Fudan University. Its unique teaching and research resources have been mobilized for creating a groundbreaking training program fitting the needs of decision-makers through teaching, encounters and visits.
Professors will provide in-depth teaching on early and latter-days Confucianism, Daoism, Buddhism, Chinese insights on the natural world and the social order, linking together the intellectual achievements, social experiences and ways of living that have shaped Chinese civilization. Critical and comprehensive in scope, the course will develop managers’ capabilities to creatively assess Chinese cultural resources and to integrate their findings into their strategic and ethical thinking.
A Certificate delivered by the School of Philosophy will sanction attendance to the 9 week-ends (60 class hours ) of teaching that this program will encompass. Registration is now opened, and the program will start at the beginning of 2015, spanning from January till December.

Corporate Social Responsability in China

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As many of you already know, this work is the result of a long research process that has been inspired and supported throughout the years by a number of friends and sponsors.
The book, published by World Scientific, a Singapore-based publishing company, will be available in Asia from the end of November on, and in the rest of the world, from January 2014 on.
General presentation and table of content are available at:


Copies can already be bought from the same website page. There is a discount for copies bought before November 15.
I include practical information below, as well as conditions for bulk purchases, along with the name and email address of the sales manager:
“The publisher is happy to offer you a special 25% discount for this book. To enjoy this offer, order your copy at World Scientific’s online bookstore from now till November 15, 2013. Quote the discount code “WSAUT0613″ as you place your order.
If you are interested to purchase the book in bulk (100 copies and above), please refer to the following table for a special bulk purchase price.
100 – 199 copies
USD45 per book / £30 per copy
200 – 299 copies
USD40 per book / £26 per copy
300 copies and above
USD35 per book / £23 per copy
Notes: Shipping and handling cost will be added. Please let us know the quantity you would like to order and the shipping mode – courier / airmail / surface mail. we will quote you the shipping and handling cost accordingly.
For bulk purchase, please send your order to Hooi Yean LEE at hylee@wspc.com.”
Thanks in advance for your interest and your comments!
Benoit Vermander

Success in China is not achieved overnight !

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Shanghai, Asia’s most up-to-the-minute city, with the greatest potential, is resolutely turned towards the international scene. As an extremely hospitable city, it intends to help European SME s establish themselves in the region. To do this, it has initiated a policy comprising financial aid, advantages and guarantees for foreign companies.

Dpark Foreign-related Economic, Innovative & Culture Park was created to implement this new policy and provides the human, logistical and financial resources required for European SME s to develop successfully in China. DPark offers a secure, operational, highly-effective solution that is perfectly adapted to European SME s that wish to establish themselves rapidly in China where everything is possible. The business culture and the legal context can, however, hinder SME development. Success in China is not achieved overnight !