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Antonio Duarte wins Silver Magnolia Award in Shanghai

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Shanghai, 18th of July 2017 – Antonio Duarte, founder of DPark in Shanghai, has been presented with the Silver Magnolia Award.

The prestigious award is presented to foreigners based in Shanghai who have made a notable contribution to the economic development of the city and its international relations. The Magnolia Awards are an initiative of the Foreign Affairs Office in Shanghai and are presented annually in recognition of foreign residents who have made an outstanding contribution. Antonio Duarte is the only French citizen awarded for 2017. The ceremony will be held the 30 of September 2017. Monsieur Duarte is very honored to receive its beautiful award, symbol of his constant engagement in the development of Shanghai.

Charles de Gaulle’s Vision “for everyone”, an article from Shanghai Daily

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A new cooperation agreement for DPark

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 EU-China Industrial and Commercial Investment Promotion Union Tung Tai International Holding Group Limited Unveiling and Signing Ceremony with DPARK Foreign-related Economic, Innovative & Culture Park

On July.20, 2016, the Unveiling and Signing Ceremony of Sino-Europe Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park – Tung Tai Intelligent Vally (Shanghai) was successfully held in DPARK Foreign-related Economic, Innovative & Culture Park.

Siging Ceremony Unveiling Ceremony

Tung Tai International Holding Group Limited signed a cooperation agreement with DPARK, to formally operate Tungtai Intelligent Vally (Shanghai) jointly. Both sides will integrate advantage resources, teams, projects and patterns, give full play to the joint committee mechanism of “sustainable development of towns and industries in China and Europe “, and boost DPARK towards a higher level of sustainable development.

Liang Dan, Chairman of United Nations Maritime-Continental Silk Road Cities Alliance

Madam Liang Dan, Chairman of Eu-China Industrial and Commercial Investment Promotion Union, Chairman of United Nations Maritime-Continental Silk Road Cities Alliance, highly affirmed the ecosystem model “platform + project + talent + foundation + base“ of Sino-Europe Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park; highly evaluated that Dpark is a high-quality park, is the important window for the international exchange in Yangpu District, plays a role model for the exchange and development of small and medium enterprises. Mr. Saintignon, the first deputy mayor of Lille

Mr. Saintignon, the first deputy mayor of Lille, France, expressed strong support on the two-way interaction “Going out and bringing in” between France and China, and expressed that he hopes the urban cooperation with Yangpu District will start from the riverside project. As the sponsor and partner of the event, DPARK invited Mr. Saintignon, the first deputy mayor of Lille, France, and the Chinese and foreign representatives from international organizations, government departments, financial institutions, industrial parks, business associations, enterprises, such as the biggest French incubator Euratechnologies Park, Credit Industriel & Commercial, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, Commission of Commerce of Yangpu District, Foreign Affairs Office of Yangpu District, China Energy Fund Committee, China CEFC Energy Company Limited, IBM, and so on, to attend the event.

Group Photo

China International Industry Fair

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China International Industry Fair – Mr. Duarte hopes to popularize Shanghai’s investment environment, promote and improve the cooperation in French-Sino industry area through this project.

After work for several months, 6, Nov.2015, invited and companied by Mr. Duarte, Axel Cruau, French Consul General in Shanghai, investigated the 17th China International Industry Fair under personal name, which was held in National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). It included information & communication technology show, robot show, energy-saving & new energy car show and technology innovation show. The Consul General expressed basic recognition and would discuss with Mr. Duarte about how to promote the work and attract French high and new technology enterprises to attend 2016 China International Industry Fair.

Background: 15, May 2015, Because Mr. Duarte devoted himself to the cooperation and exchange among Shanghai and French government and enterprises, and had thirty-year experience and relationship in industry area, the organization committee of China International Industry Fair formally entrusted Mr. Duarte to lead the communication with French relevant government departments and industry institutions, to promote the invitation of guest of honor of 18th China International Industry Fair.

China International Industry Fair

The founder and leader of psychomotor rehabilitation field: France ISRP enters into China.

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The word “psychomotor” was founded by French Soubiran Family in 1967, at the same time ISRP was established. ISRP is the founder of the psychomotor rehabilitation industry, and is the worldwide leader in the field of psychomotor rehabilitation education and training, which is approved by Ministry of Health, France.


ISRP officially registered in Dpark in December, 2014.

Dpark helps ISRP to look for financial investment and cooperation partner in China, to solve the problems of administration and government relationship, and to devote itself to bring the new idea and expertise of psychomotor into China, fill the insufficient of the system management in the field of rehabilitation in China, improve the educational background level and professional skill of the employees in the rehabilitation field in China.

ISRP provides training in the fields of pediatric rehabilitation, adult rehabilitation, geriatric rehabilitation and industry management of health care, to doctors, therapists (OT, PT …), nurses and managerial staff of health care institutions.

ISRP was approved by French government in 1974, and the certificate was awarded by French Ministry of Health. In France, nearly half psychomotor rehabilitation therapists who have higher education certificate recognized by the nation, are from ISRP. ISRP offers two modes, one is academic education (bachelor and master), the other is continuing education (has cooperation with most famous hospitals, medical institutions, nursing homes, nurses’ home, etc.). It can ensure to cooperate with several French or international universities to give lessons, issue university diploma or occupation training certificate independently or jointly. ISRP is also the most international institute in this field: it holds annual summer seminar, organizes international conferences, and establishes cooperative relationships with more than 20 foreign universities.

With the help of DPARK, ISRP President, JOSE SOUBIRAN signed Cooperation Memorandum with the Director of Shanghai First People’s Hospital, Wang Xingpeng in Dec, 2014, witnessed by DPARK President, Mr. Duarte.

With the help of DPARK, on Mar.21, 2015, ISRP held the event “Sino-French psychomotor rehabilitation academic exchange” in Shanghai First People’s Hospital, especially invited ISRP successor, the international project director Mark Soubiran and the expert team to do special presentations. And through video conference and simultaneous translation, the dean of ISRP, Gerard Hermant and his French expert team answered the questions from conventioneers, especially the questions about Alzheimer’s disease and children’s autism. The event attracted more than 120 experts in the field of rehabilitation from more than 70 hospitals in Shanghai and the surrounding areas. The Director of Dept. Rehabilitation Medicine of Shanghai First People’s Hospital, the chairman of Cinesiotherapy Committee of Shanghai Association of Rehabilitation Medicine, Professor Chen Wenhua chaired the event. The Secretary-general of Shanghai Association of Rehabilitation Medicine, Professor Zheng Jiejiao, the chairman of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Committee of Shanghai Medical Association, Professor Wu Yi, the chairman of Children Committee of Shanghai Association of Rehabilitation Medicine, Professor Tang Liang, and other directors from major hospitals in Shanghai attended the event. After the event, Shanghai experts think that the rehabilitation idea and practice experience of ISRP will improve and fill the insufficiency of the system management in the rehabilitation field in China, and improve the educational background level and professional skills of the employees in the rehabilitation field. Its prospect is very bright in china.

Visit Of the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls in China, DPark was there.

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From Jan.29 to Jan.31, 2015, invited by Premier of the State Council Li Keqiang, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls visited China. DPARK President Antonio Duarte was invited to accompany Prime Minister in Shanghai. Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius met Mr. Duarte, and thanked him for his help to the development of French companies in China.

Capture d’écran 2015-02-14 Ă  13.37.30





Chinese President Xi Jinping met French Prime Minister Manuel Valls

Capture d’écran 2015-02-14 Ă  13.37.41




Premier of the State Council Li Keqiang met French Prime Minister Manuel Valls

Mr. Duarte introduced the investment environment of Yangpu District of Shanghai, and Orpea Group, ISRP, which entered into DPARK recently, to Prime Minister. Prime Minister and Foreign Minister thanked Mr. Duarte for his help to the development of French companies in China. They received the invitation to investigate DPARK when they visit Shanghai again, and would ask the relevant department to contact with Mr. Duarte. Mr. Duarte also introduced the planning Sino-French Ecology Health Industry Park which would introduce French advanced enterprises in the medical and health field to China, to promote the cooperation between China and France. Prime Minister and Foreign Minister were very interested, and would ask the French Business Investment Department to know about the project further. Mr. Duarte also suggested to establish state-level ecology health industry park. Prime Minister promised to give the biggest help to Chinese enterprises which come to France to invest.

Capture d’écran 2015-02-14 Ă  13.41.46


European great designer of health & medical building investigated DPARK

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Jan.23, 2015, European great designer of health & medical building, CCR Co-founder Vincent Rivoire investigated DPARK, and discussed the business development in Chinese medical field with Mr. Duarte. He is planning to establish a company in China in April, 2015.

CRR is the biggest architectural firm in France. Its aim is to create harmonious environment for clients. It always pays attention to the relationship between construction and environment, and develops the design concept of ecology, environment protection and sustainability. Its business scope includes medical institution, education institution, sport institution and so on.

CRR’s projects in France:cardiology research and treatment center, dialysis clinic center, tumor research and treatment center, gerontology research center, and so on。


Capture d’écran 2015-02-14 Ă  12.44.50

BPI FRANCE held a financial lecture in DPARK

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Jan.20, 2015, BPIFRANCE held a financial lecture in DPARK, to introduce the financial support solution for French enterprises which are developing business in China. More than 30 French entrepreneurs attended the lecture.

BPIFRANCE is a French public investment bank, its aim is to promote the development of French enterprises, help them to innovate and develop sustainably all over the world.

BPIFRANCE supports about 85,000 enterprises every year, including potential small enterprises or large-scale enterprises in various fields. It selects and supports some potential French enterprises to investigate and invest in China.

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Equance Seminar, October 24 conference

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The seminar of Equance was held on Friday, October 24, 2014 at Dpark.

The President of Equance, Mr. Olivier Grenon Andrieux, shared his professional experience and solutions of “The protection of the spouse in an international environment and the general recommendations of Equance for the expats in China”.


Capture d’écran 2015-02-04 Ă  12.52.07









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Dpark launches a Certificate on “Chinese Thought and Cultural Resources” in association with Fudan School of Philosophy

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Dpark is launching an English-language program aimed at enhancing international and Chinese managers’ knowledge of Chinese cultural resources so as to enrich and facilitate the exercise of their corporate mission and social responsibility in China.

The program is designed and taught by professors from the School of Philosophy at Fudan University. Its unique teaching and research resources have been mobilized for creating a groundbreaking training program fitting the needs of decision-makers through teaching, encounters and visits.
Professors will provide in-depth teaching on early and latter-days Confucianism, Daoism, Buddhism, Chinese insights on the natural world and the social order, linking together the intellectual achievements, social experiences and ways of living that have shaped Chinese civilization. Critical and comprehensive in scope, the course will develop managers’ capabilities to creatively assess Chinese cultural resources and to integrate their findings into their strategic and ethical thinking.
A Certificate delivered by the School of Philosophy will sanction attendance to the 9 week-ends (60 class hours ) of teaching that this program will encompass. Registration is now opened, and the program will start at the beginning of 2015, spanning from January till December.