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ISRP, French Superior Institute of Psychomotor Rehabilitation, in China

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Shanghai (December 8, 2014) –

ISRP, French Superior Institute of Psychomotor Rehabilitation, is entering China and choose to set up its first office at DPARK, Duarte Foreign-Related Economic, Innovative & Culture Park, located in Yanpu district in Shanghai. For this occasion, a press conference will be held on December 12, 2014 at DPARK to declare its strategy in China.

The objective of ISRP in China is to develop training courses in partnership with universities and schools of nursing and hospitals and Physiotherapists:

-Training of trainers,

- Initial training for young students for a Bachelor and a Master in psychomotricity,

-Specialization of staff already trained or in training as nurses or physiotherapists.

The ambition of ISRP is to quickly specialize 29,000 professionals gerontopsychomotricity for the care of dependent elderly people over the 6 years to come. For both sectors “rehabilitation” and “early childhood”, about 110 000 people are forming on a 15 to 25 year intervals.

About ISRP
ISRP group is today the world leader in the training of psychomotors, since in France, it ensures the preparation of nearly half of state-graduated psychomotors and with its international agreements or conventions (Europe, Latin America, Africa and Middle East), about one quarter of global psychomotors is labeled by ISRP. In France, ISRP is located in Paris in the “Pôle Euro Universitaire de Santé” where it receives 750 students and in Marseille in St. Margaret South Hospital of APHM, receiving 360 students. Both ISRP are allowed by law to deliver training under the dual supervision of the Ministries of Health and Higher Education, culminating in a state diploma.

More information on www.isrp.fr / www.irsp.cn


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Visit of ISPR delegation

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The delegation of ISRP France, leaded by the President Mr. Jose Soubiran, visited Dpark and discussed with Mr.Duarte for his development strategy in China. Mr.Duarte presented ISRP to Shanghai General Hospital and in Shanghai No.1 Rehabilitation hospital. And he accompanied the delegation to these hospitals and meet with their presidents.

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Equance Seminar, October 24 conference

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The seminar of Equance was held on Friday, October 24, 2014 at Dpark.

The President of Equance, Mr. Olivier Grenon Andrieux, shared his professional experience and solutions of “The protection of the spouse in an international environment and the general recommendations of Equance for the expats in China”.


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Invitation DPark The 25th of september

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brochure information



When we live in another country, we are all faced with a “cultural shift” both in our personal and professional relationships, which is source of discovery as well as of misunderstandings. Especially in in China, the shift we experience is an opportunity to discover new ways of representing the world, the Other, our bodies or our own existence.
If we already do “invest” a lot in China, we should probably invest even more in this cultural adventure, with the sense of personal satisfaction and professional success that such investment allows for.
To help us to consider how to engage into such endeavor, Dpark, in association with the School of Philosophy, Fudan University, and with Benoit Vermander, professor in this School, is pleased to invite you to a lecture and discussion evening.
I’ll explain what guided us in the establishment of a signed agreement with Fudan, which led to the launch of a “Chinese Thought and Cultural Resources” training program. It will start in January and will be recognized by a Certificate issued by Fudan for people who have completed the training.

Best regards

Information :
Date : Thursday 25 September 2014
Time : 18h30
Location : dpark No.738 Changyang Road
Duration : 1.5 hours
Following the conference, you can enjoy a buffet free of charge.
The confirmation of your presence will help us to improve our service quality.
Reply by email to fudan-dpark@duarte-china.com

Press Release Shanghai 9th of september 2014

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Chinese Though and Cultural resources A Training Program for International and Chinese managers

With the continuous development of the Chinese economy and China’s more prominent role in the world, Chinese traditional culture correspondingly receives increased attention. To help managers in Chinese or foreign companies gain an understanding of Chinese philosophy, history, and contemporary culture, Fudan School of Philosophy, in association with DPark, is sponsoring an English-language Certificate of Chinese Thought and Cultural Resources. The program is tailored for foreign and Chinese entrepreneurs/executives willing to mobilize such resources for managing their business endeavors in a culturally and socially responsible fashion.

The program

This English-language program seeks to enhance international and Chinese managers‘ knowledge of Chinese cultural resources so as to enrich and facilitate the exercise of their corporate missions and social responsibilities in China. The program is designed and taught by professors from the School of Philosophy at Fudan University. Its unique teaching and rich research resources have been organized to create a groundbreaking training program adapted to the needs of decision-makers through course work, interactions with native informants, and field trips. The program starts next January and lasts for nine weekends spanning over one year.

Details are included in these two online brochures:


 • http://www.dpark-shanghai.com/pdf/brochure-suite.pdf 

Information can also be obtained by writing to: <fudan-dpark@duarte-china.com>

About Fudan University and the School of Philosophy, Shanghai The Fudan University is one of the top five universities in Mainland China, its professors have included world-renowned scientists such as Su Buqing, Xie Xide, Tan Jiazhen, and masters of Chinese culture like Chen Yinke. It has also trained many of the foremost leaders of the country, such as the famous economist Wu Jinglian and the former World Bank Managing Director Zhang Shengman. The current vice president of China, Li Yuanchao, and the secretary of the Central Committee of CPC, Wang Huning, are also alumni of Fudan University. The Faculty of Philosophy is one of the top three schools of Philosophy in Mainland China and has been ranked first in Asia.

About DPark, Shanghai DPark is the first foreign business center approved by the Shanghai local government to help foreign SMEs to establish themselves in China. DPARK offers a one-stop service for foreign SMEs, including company registration, equipped offices, legal addresses, bookkeeping, human resources, etc.


Dpark launches a Certificate on “Chinese Thought and Cultural Resources” in association with Fudan School of Philosophy

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Dpark is launching an English-language program aimed at enhancing international and Chinese managers’ knowledge of Chinese cultural resources so as to enrich and facilitate the exercise of their corporate mission and social responsibility in China.

The program is designed and taught by professors from the School of Philosophy at Fudan University. Its unique teaching and research resources have been mobilized for creating a groundbreaking training program fitting the needs of decision-makers through teaching, encounters and visits.
Professors will provide in-depth teaching on early and latter-days Confucianism, Daoism, Buddhism, Chinese insights on the natural world and the social order, linking together the intellectual achievements, social experiences and ways of living that have shaped Chinese civilization. Critical and comprehensive in scope, the course will develop managers’ capabilities to creatively assess Chinese cultural resources and to integrate their findings into their strategic and ethical thinking.
A Certificate delivered by the School of Philosophy will sanction attendance to the 9 week-ends (60 class hours ) of teaching that this program will encompass. Registration is now opened, and the program will start at the beginning of 2015, spanning from January till December.

Signature for a new cultural program in DPark

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Dpark launches a Certificate on “Chinese Thought and Cultural Resources” in association with Fudan School of Philosophy .

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Left: Mme Liangzhun, M. Antonio Duarte, President de Dpark, M. Benoit Vermander, Xu-Ricci dialogue institute fudan university, school of philosophy, professor, academic director, M. Xin yuan,  Fudan university.

photo 1











Mister Antonio Duarte and Mister Xin Yuan,  Fudan university

the88′sChina Concerts in China

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Anglos Saxons and especially American professional reporters has evaluated “this is the new rock!!! So powerful sound, crazy music, what the incredible voice of Pheel Duarte brings to us… so talented and amazing”

The Chinese sponsors think it’s really worthy and will continue the project in the future

Two concerts, one in Beijing and one in Shanghai, will make you held by an incredible emotion…

And in the future, you can say I was there!!!

the88'sChina Concerts

Focus on the founder of DPark: Antonio Duarte

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Antonio DuarteAntonio Duarte is a French entrepreneur who has been working in the automotive industry for thirty years. For several years Antonio Duarte has held important roles in major French Federations such as the Fédération des Industries Mécaniques (Vice-president for 6 years) and the UFIMO (president of the French Tooling and Engineering Union for 8 years). He also founded the ARIA (regional automotive industry association) bringing together motor companies and equipment manufacturers from Northern France accounting for three hundred companies and one hundred thousand jobs.
Antonio Duarte won the Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2000 from the Economical Journalists and the Nouvel Economiste newspaper.
After selling his entire industrial group (the Duarte Group whose headquarters were in Le Quesnoy in Northern France) to a French investor at the start of 2006, Antonio Duarte threw himself into his passion for China.
Antonio Duarte arrived in China in 2005 and increased his expertise in the engineering sector and the efficient relocation of European companies to China and vice versa: from negotiation to successful relationship management with the Chinese. Highly sought after, he provides many companies with his advice and network along with his vision of China’s future.
Drawing on his entrepreneurial experience, Antonio Duarte founded DPark Shanghai a 4000m² Soho (Small office home office) business centre and veritable bespoke tool to help French SMEs efficiently position themselves on the Chinese market at a heavily reduced rate by freeing the Director from the restrictions of Chinese administration such as when founding companies.
Respected and popular in China, Antonio Duarte was appointed economy and investment advisor and ambassador for the Shanghai Yangpu Government for economic growth in Europe. He is also the consulting partner for Europe at the major Chinese investment bank CDBC (China Development Bank).
The Shanghai government nominated him for the Magnolia award in 2009 to reward him for his contribution to the city’s growth.

More about DPark Shanghai:
Address : DPark Shanghai, No.738, Changyang Road, Shanghai, China Phone: +86 21 51607676-8088 – Fax: +86 21 51607611
Contact: Antonio Duarte, aduarte@duarte-europe.com, phone: +33 6 84 70 70 70 or : +86 158 2100 4038 Lin Wang, linwang@duarte-china.com, +86 21 51607676-8088

Need a nest for your business in China?

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DPark Shanghai, offers a tool perfectly adapted for Foreign SMEs who want to settle down quickly in China.Investing in China is one of the best operations for the company wish to expand his business but the business culture, legal context, may constitute obstacles for SMEs. Clearly in China, requests careful planning.

That is why the Shanghai People Government through its Yangpu District, has put in place for Foreign SMEs, a Sino-French organization are able to meet all the needs of these SMEs in terms of implantation.
Based in Yangpu center of emerging technologies, technologies of information development, biotechnology, environmental science and engineering, DPark Shanghai is the first park with Franco-Chinese capital and approved by the Shanghai government. This means that all steps are facilitated and secured by the government of Shanghai Yangpu. It is an important argument in the choice of the implantation because those who work or have worked with China know: working with China may take a long time because there are many interlocutors and barriers to overcome.
The DPark Shanghai offers a full range of professional services intended to facilitate the development and implementation in China, quickly and affordably. The D-park manages all the constitution formalities and establishment of company of 100% foreign capital, joint venture or representative office. The benefits offered by D- park are numerous: a multilingual team Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, complementarities of Western and Chinese partners, complete understanding of Chinese administration , a thorough knowledge of cultural codes and attitudes in China, excellent location in Shanghai combines remarkable vitality and economic strength, ideal to undertake. And especially a rental cost of installation and very low up to less than 15 $ per day.
DPark Shanghai provides an ideal organization to SMEs wishing to live, study, work and relax in one environment. This is the first park in Shanghai offering offices, SOHO, Small Office, Home Office. Which means that can adjoin residential and office with room designed for offices in the daytime and the apartments at night.
Today, theses companies wishing to easily establish in China could pass through the DPark Shanghai to do so quickly, in favorable financial conditions and with an implantation tool perfectly adapted to their needs.
DPark Solutions:

  • Dpark has been approved by the Chinese government to help foreign companies deal with all administrative processes in China directly with the different authorities.
  • Creation of WFOE (Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise) companies with a legal address in Dpark
  • Creation of J.V. (Joint Venture) companies with a legal address in Dpark
  • Creation of companies in Hong Kong
  • Virtual office with legal address in Dpark
  • Procurement of import & export licenses
  • Procurement of food product, wine, etc. licenses
  • Procurement of visas, work permits, residence permits
  • Chinese accounting, tax declarations completed by our on-site chartered accountants
  • Establishing contacts with Chinese partners
  • Human resources
  • Equipped office rental
  • Meeting room service
  • On-site accommodation, hospitality staff services
  • Restaurant (buffet, cocktail, etc.)
  • Facilities for receptions and events
  • Dpark is the direct point of contact with the different Chinese government offices, such as tax, health, immigration etc.
  • All legal procedures are carried out directly by Dpark staff.

More: www.dpark-shanghai.com