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DPark solutions for your company in China

DPark-shanhgai lobby

« There are three friendships which are advantageous. Friendship with the upright, friendship with the sincere and friendship with the man of much observation » Confucius

With the support of the Shanghai Yangpu district government, DPark makes establishing a business in China today: Simple – Rapid – Efficient Safe – Cost – effective. DPARK Foreign-related Economic, Innovative & Culture Park provides an across-theboard range of professional services that make setting-up and developing in China easy, rapid and cost-effective. The park provides countless advantages: a multilingual team speaking Chinese, English, French, German, and Japanese, the complementarity of Western and Chinese associates, absolute understanding of Chinese government and authorities, perfect knowledge of cultural codes and conduct in China and, above all, a remarkable location in Shanghai combining vitality and economic power, ideal for doing business. Yangpu district is the centre of cutting-edge technologies, information development technologies, biotechnologies, environmental sciences and engineering.

DPARK Consulting & Support

Through its consulting activity, DPark offers a range of skills and solutions adapted to European SMEs :

  • Partnership search, establishing contacts, Joint Venture start-up and support
  • Partnership search with universities in Shanghai
  • Strategic advice on China (economic, political, cultural, relational)
  • Legal and financial advice
  • Initiating industrial partnerships
  • Searching Chinese companies for M&A and investments
  • Market research
  • Marketing & Communication Studies

We provide across-the-board consulting to help you know, understand and interact with the Chinese, in political, economical, legal, technical, psychological, behavioural and cultural fields.

Flexibility, optimal use of resources, mobility, cooperation, Connectivity and Rapidity, the keys to success according to DPark

Dpark has been approved by the Chinese government to help foreign companies deal with all administrative processes in China directly with the different authorities.

  • Creation of WFOE (Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise) companies with a legal address in Dpark
  • Creation of J.V. (Joint Venture) companies with a legal address in Dpark
  • Creation of companies in Hong Kong
  • Virtual office with legal address in Dpark
  • Procurement of import & export licences
  • Procurement of food product, wine, etc. licences
  • Procurement of visas, work permits, residence permits
  • C hinese accounting, tax declarations completed by our on-site chartered accountants
  • E stablishing contacts with Chinese partners
  • Human resources
  • E quipped office rental
  • M eeting room service
  • O n-site accommodation, hospitality staff services
  • R estaurant (buffet, cocktail, etc.)
  • Facilities for receptions and events

Dpark is the direct point of contact with the different Chinese government offices, such as tax, health, immigration etc. All legal procedures are carried out directly by Dpark staff.