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The delegation of the propaganda department of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee investigates the cultural industry of France with DPark

The delegation of the propaganda department of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee investigates the cultural industry of France (20117)

“The Twelve-Five Plan” of Shanghai Innovative Culture Industry: the proportion of Shanghai Innovative Culture Industry will occupy the 12% of whole GDP of Shanghai till 2015. On Apr. 18th, 2011, Secretary of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, Yu Zhengshen attended the opening ceremony of “Shanghai Culture Month” in Paris,which was organized by Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture, Radio, Film & TV and Chinese Culture Center in Paris. They took this opportunity to transfer messages about Chinese Culture to French people and promote culture between these two countries. The delegation of the propaganda department of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee visit French National Dance Center, Pompidou Centre in Paris, France, and the Chinese Culture Center in Paris, accompanied with Mr. Duarte.

Three Targets in all:

Pompidou Centre in Paris, France: to know its layout, plan (painting exhibition, library and restaurant, etc.), human resources arrangement, organization, overseas cooperation, operation mode, and profit means, etc.

Chinese Culture Center: the trip was arranged by Director of Center, Yin fu, he introduced how the center promotes Chinese culture in France and the activity of Shanghai Cultural Month.

French National Dance Center: mainly introduce the role in the Culture Industry in France, budget, target, plan, partners, human resources service, and how to enhance economy by culture, as well as express the intention of cooperation.


Pompidou Centre in Paris, France: It was set up in 1977 which was decided by the deceased president Pompidou, and it located on the Bo Fort Street just on the right of the Seine, in the north of Latin Quarter, Paris. The most unique part of this building is its exposed steel structure and complex pipelines. Because this modernized architecture was quite like a factory with the name of “Refinery Factory” and “Cultural Factory”. This building covers an area of 7500 square meters and construction area of 100000 square meters with 6 floors in all, including Industrial Creation Center, Public Library, Museum of Modern Art and Music and Audio, four parts.

Chinese Culture Center: The first foreign-related cultural organization in French by Chinese Government was set up on Nov 29thIt was located in the center of Paris, between Mobuerta Avenue of 7th District in Paris and Orsay Riverside, and opposite tourists attraction sites big or small pavilions. It was a multi-functional cultural center filled with Chinese style, including theatre, auditorium, classrooms, libraries, etc. It can be used to hold many activities, such as lectures, seminars, shows, concerts, exhibitions. It also has held cultural or scientific events for introducing its development information in China.

French National Dance Center: It was founded by Cultural & Propaganda Department of France in 1988, the only professional dancing center which assists and supports dancers, choreographer, teachers, and group leaders from all levels. The center is located in Pantin District in northeast sub of Paris, with an area of 15000 square meters. It not only promotes the development of dancing, but also makes contribution to the development of local economy and society.  It would be a hallmark that culture can enhance economy.

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